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Worst Case Scenario


So many customers will ask for “Worse Case Scenario” or “Ball Park Figures”. It’s easy to understand that they are looking for some kind of price. Naturally we want the best deal, especially when times are tough. Unfortunately, most shop owners have a tendency to answer that question all too quickly, hoping that their instant price quote gets them the job.

But what if you found out that the instant price quote could cost you a lot more $$$. Let me explain. First, there is no single symptom when it comes to automatic transmission problems. Many customers will use the word “slipping “to describe late shifts or delays. Some will say it makes a noise. Today’s modern transmissions rely on a ton of computer sensors that tell it what to do. A bad sensor such as an input sensor, Throttle Position Sensor or Output sensor can cause a transmission to go nuts. It’s a lot cheaper to install a sensor.

But lets say your transmission is bad, and you chose that shop that had the best price. You may feel good unless you know what goes on behind the scene. If the service adviser has given you a price already, sight unseen, without knowing what is wrong, what happens when he takes it apart. First, let’s say it just needs a repair instead of a rebuild. What’s the chances of him telling you that? Not much. He has to make up for the losses on all the other bad quotes he gave. What if the trans needs more that what he quoted. Well he can call and do an up-sale, so that price quote was worthless then. Right? Or he can just put some of those bad parts back in and hope the transmission will last out the warranty. Or like some shops, when the transmission goes bad, those parts suddenly are not covered under their warranty.

It’s easy to make up prices over the phone, but a professional shop will always ask you to bring the vehicle in. They will always do an evaluation first, and then discuss with you the problem and what needs to be done next. Honest shops wish to make sure they only sell what is needed, and do a good job for you. Honest shops educate the customer, rather than playing them for a sucker. If you want to get the best price, search out a professional shop that has a good reputation. You’ll find out that in the end, they will give you the best value for your money, and you may save more money with them than the so called cheapest price place.

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