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What If The Auto Repair Industry Was Ran Like Medical Insurance Companies?

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Often, in the automotive repair industry, people feel that the time we take to diagnosis a problem should be free or at least waived if repairs are done. That the time we spend should be on us, the shop. Well how about we become like the medical insurance industry. Would that be OK with you? Think about it.

Just like the medical insurance industry’s, we’ll send you a bill every month for $200 or more. You’ll pay that amount whether you need repairs or not. If however you have a problem with your transmission, you’ll of course need to pay a co-pay of $50.00 before we do anything. Then we will cover up to 80% of your bill. Oh, and we’ll need to do lot’s of test. Each test will require another co-pay, and you will need to pay it whether we find a problem or not. Sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? What, you don’t like that idea?

Each month we try and educate you, the consumer, on how our industry works and how to keep from paying more than they should. The above scenario should frighten you, but that’s exactly how the medical industry works. You prepay for your repairs to you body. Ever if you never get sick, you pay. And the less you need to see the doctor, the happier you are. You are thrilled to pay money not to have repairs done. Yet, if we ask for $100.00 to find out what’s wrong with your car, some customer think we are being greedy.

Last week we had several examples of why paying for diagnosis can save consumers money.

A 2004 Dodge Durango which had only 3rd gear had a computer problem. We saved her about $2000.00. An older Ford was towed in because the van would only go 15mph. Diagnosis found that he needed a vacuum modulator and hoses. Not a transmission like he thought. A 97 Chevy Cavalier came in with very harsh shifts. Some other company did Mickey Mouse body repair and the wires to the computer were broken. Some were just stuck in and silicone put on top. All of these vehicle took a technicians time to figure out the problem, sometimes tracing wire harness down, sometimes making phone calls to get additional information and sometimes just having to take things apart to see what is broken.

You may not want to pay for diagnosis, but by understanding it’s purpose, you will also understand that your objection to paying for it may cost you much more in the end. Parts thrown at a problem may sometimes work, but most of the time, cost you more. However, if it’s easier for you, we can do it the way your medical insurance company does it now. When would you like us to start billing you?

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