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Purchasing a Salvage Title Vehicle

A while back  I had a young couple come to our shop with a 2014 Ford Focus with low mileage,  which her husband had purchased from a salvage yard.  With a new baby on the way he thought it would be a great car for his family, since it had all the new safety features.  The price was right  since  it was a salvage title,  but he was assured that any damage had been repaired properly.   

We inspected the vehicle and after looking it over,  I refused to work on it. It was that bad.  The frame had been bent from the accident and was not repaired correctly. Who knows if the Airbag or any safety item would still function. The main computer was not mounted but hanging by the wire harness. A major support piece was missing so there was no place to bolt it on.  The inner fender well covers were just hanging and the AC pipe was completely missing so there was no way for the AC to work.  The vehicle ran very poorly and in a nutshell, was unsafe to drive. We told her to take it back and it took months and a threat of a lawsuit for her to get a refund. 

Very few people bother to have a vehicle checked out before they buy it. They are smitten by either a great price or the words of assurance that nothing is wrong, only to find out afterwards that they purchased a money pit. Before you purchase a vehicle, spend the money to check it out first. It may save you a fortune plus you will have peace of mind. 


True Stories
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