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So you’ve taken your car or truck into the shop and after they’ve checked it out, the manager comes over to you with an estimate for repairs. You look at the bill, look at your car, and then look back at the bill. You turn to the manager and say” that’s more than the car’s worth”. “I’ll buy another car”. Not so fast. Yea, the bill is expensive, but maybe fixing your car or truck is the least expensive option.

Let’s start by asking a few good questions. How old is your car or truck? How many miles on the odometer and what kind of miles? Highway, or stop and go? How is the body and paint? How are the tires? What kind of money have you spent on the vehicle recently? You’ll need to look at all these factors before you say “no way” to getting it fixed.

Let’s say for example your vehicle that is less than 10 years old, you’ve maintain it pretty good and you just put tires and brakes on it. The interior is in good shape, maybe except for it’s dirty, but OK otherwise. The outside has some small dings, but the paint still shines, if you took the time to wax it. And you only have 112,000 on the engine, most of it on the freeway. Overall, it’s been a pretty good car. You can’t replace the car for what it will cost you for a transmission rebuild. Don’t pay attention to the Blue Book value. Your not a used car lot. You need to figure replacement cost. You need to figure that to buy something to replace this vehicle, and have something reliable, you need to spend at least $5000 or more, depending on the type of vehicle you own. Don’t forget registration fees, taxes, and all the other expenses when you buy a used car. What sounded like a cheap alternative suddenly becomes expensive. And if you have to finance it, there goes more money.

At Summit Transmissions and Auto Care we will always try and give you the best advice. I have told numerous customers “it;s time to go car shopping” but in many cases, it made more sense to fix their vehicle. Yes, we would all like to have so much money that if we got a flat tire, we would just buy a new car rather than fix the tire. That would be great, but the reality is that most of us need to watch every dime, and most of the time, fixing what you already have is a whole lot cheaper than buying someone else’s problems. Remember that the newest of something wears off pretty fast, but the payments seem to last forever.

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