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Q What’s the difference between having a flush done and a transmission service?
A Most transmissions come with a removable pan and only by removing the pan can you first, get to the filter to change or clean it and second, to see if there is any abnormal metal or friction material in the pan. When you have a flush done, it means that the pan will not be removed, therefore the filter can not be changed or clean and if there is abnormal wear, you won’t know it. Also, since ATF is very high in detergents, changing all the fluid may cause drivability problems if your transmission has an internal problem already.

Q I just want to go to the shop with the best price to fix my transmission. Why do some shops give prices over the phone and some don’t?
A Sometimes that price you got over the phone can cost you a whole lot more. I can give you hundreds of true stories to illistrate my point, but here is just one. Customer called from Riverside (150 miles away) to get a price for his Jetta which had 1st and Reverse only. He called and was quoted prices of $4000, $3800 and a used transmission for $2800. When he called, I insisted that we check the car out first. He knew we had a great reputation and decided to tow it to our shop. His cost was only $85.00 to fix his car. If I would have given him a price, he most likely would have settled for the $2800 job and been happy not knowing any better.

Many times, components can cause a transmission to not shift properly or slip. You need to trust a professional shop to first diagnose the problem, before blurting out some numbers. Also, since most customers don’t know what parts are in a transmission, you also won’t be able to tell if the shop did a good quality job or not. That’s why you need to seek a quality shop with an outstanding reputation rather than the cheapest place you can find.

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