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Communicating with the Service Advisor

Communicating with the Service Advisor

Customers will often use phrases which they understand, and, which they assume everyone else does as well.

  • It happens once in awhile
  • It doesn’t run like it use to.
  • It doesn’t sound/feel right.
  • It works ok most of the time.
  • It’s slipping.
  • I’m not getting the same mileage as before.

These are vague statements,  which may mean something to you, but don’t really give much of a starting point for the tech to look at.The more specific you are with the problem, the better service you’re going to receive.

Imagine asking someone to come over to your house, but you don’t give them your address or how to get there. Chances are they will never find your house. unless they make the effort to seek additional information. To fill in the blank spaces.

When you drop off your vehicle for repair, you need to fill in the blank spaces the best you can. Here are just a few examples of stating the problem a little better.

  • I notice the problem when I first start the car.
  • The problem happens when I’ve driven for 5 miles.
  • Before the car shifted smoothly, but now it jerks going into gear.
  • My fuel economy use to be 20mpg but now it’s 15mpg.
  • The noise gets louder with speed.
  • When it makes the 2nd shift the engine revs up real high.
  • When it’s cold, it won’t shift into the highest gear.

You don’t need to be a mechanic to notice things. Stopping to think about the problem, then writing some notes about the problem really works. Giving them to the service advisor will go a long way in saving you both time and money.

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