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Communicating with the Service Advisor

Communicating with the Service Advisor

Customers will often use phrases which they understand, and, which they assume everyone else does as well. It happens once in awhile It doesn’t run like it use to. It doesn’t sound/feel right. It works ok most of the time. It’s slipping. I’m not getting the same mileage as before. These are vague statements,  which may mean something to you, but don’t really give much of a starting point for the tech to look at.The more specific you are with the problem, the better service you’re going to receive. Imagine asking someone to come over to your house, but you don’t give them your address or how to get there. Chances are they will never find your house. unless they make the effort to seek additional information. To fill in the blank spaces. When you drop off your vehicle for repair, you need to fill in the blank spaces the best you can. Here are just a few examples of stating the problem a little better. I notice the problem when ... read more

Getting your vehicle ready for the Holidays

Making sure your vehicle is ready for the Holidays.  Often we think of the holiday season as Thanksgiving to New Years, but the truth is your vehicle should be safe all year round, especially around any holiday season. Drivers seem to be more distracted during  the holidays and distractions multiply 10 fold  near the Christmas season due to the weather, especially when you have rain or snow and the shorter days. That's why it's so important to take the time to either have your vehicle checked or take 30 minutes to do some basic checks. Here are some tips on checks you can do at home.   Check all your lights. Ask a friend or family member to help and in the evening, have them turn the ignition key to the on position and work all the lights. Step on the brake, use the turn signals, check the emergency flasher and check the head and tail lights.  Also check your dash lights. Make notes of any lights that look ... read more

Purchasing a Salvage Title Vehicle

A while back  I had a young couple come to our shop with a 2014 Ford Focus with low mileage,  which her husband had purchased from a salvage yard.  With a new baby on the way he thought it would be a great car for his family, since it had all the new safety features.  The price was right  since  it was a salvage title,  but he was assured that any damage had been repaired properly.    We inspected the vehicle and after looking it over,  I refused to work on it. It was that bad.  The frame had been bent from the accident and was not repaired correctly. Who knows if the Airbag or any safety item would still function. The main computer was not mounted but hanging by the wire harness. A major support piece was missing so there was no place to bolt it on.  The inner fender well covers were just hanging and the AC pipe was completely missing so there was no way for the AC to work.  ... read more


True Stories

Why Switch to Amsoil

Why Switch to Amsoil

Choosing the right oils for today's modern vehicles can be difficult. Today, few people have the time or space to do it at home and deal with not only the mess but disposal or the oil and other problems that can happen like a wrong filter. So we either trust our local shop or go to a quick lube for service. But are they installing the best product for you vehicle? Maybe. Maybe not!    There are so many different types of oils;  Standard oils, semi synthetic and synthetic oils. You also need to purchase the right weight oil plus it must meet the manufactures specs.   If you drive a European car, they have different specs. Using the wrong oil can cause sludge to build up, loss of power and possible early engine failure.      So what's the best oil?  There are many good oils on the market but we have chosen to carry the full Amsoil line of products for cars and trucks. You can go on their website t ... read more

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